Our HR Policy

Development, human oriented, customer satisfaction, trust, cooperation, ethical and moral values, social responsibility are the basic concepts that make up our human resources policy.


As a company, we have some values regarding the human resources that we prioritize;




Ensuring the employment of the right personnel in the right positions,

To evaluate in the first place our available human resources for any new positions,

To ensure that our employees have been employed in units appropriate to their knowledge and capabilities, 

To create a family awareness by keeping the spirit and the motivation of our employees at the highest level,

To support the development of our employees and make their development sustainable,

To create a perfect and peaceful working environment in terms of worker health and work safety,

To create a trust-based cooperation together with individuals who are responsible towards the society, nature and the environment,

To protect and improve all personal rights of our personnel,


These values form the basis of our human resources policy and when applying all of them, we adopt the principle of "Investing in people, investing in society".


If you are intending to join our team, please fill in the adjoining form accurately and completely.


Human Resources